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Training has many aspects. Strength, endurance, agility, coordination. No matter how different people’s goals may be, they all follow one basic rule with milon: SIMPLE, SAFE, EFFECTIVE.

The Circle Club is Oman’s first fitness centre to use milon’s innovative system, and offers you a revolution in fitness training in easy to understand, safe and effective training methods for gym users. Our milon equipment offers a structured workout so that you know exactly how long to spend on each machine, how fast and how far you need to move.


Training should be challenging, but not because of complicated methods or equipment that is difficult to operate.

That is why all tailing devices and training systems from milon are designed with a personal milon card with your individual fitness and training information, making their use as simple as possible.


Those who train with the wrong weights or sequence of movements would be better off not bothering.

Our health is our greatest asset.  This is why the instructions and guidance are central components of our training - from the trainer who has been qualified from the milon academy and from the equipment itself.


Maximum success is achievable in a short time - milon makes it possible. The technical variations for milon equipment and scientifically documented methods significantly increase their effectiveness.

From the circuit concept to milon Intesit Training (MIT) and the eccentric loading, to the latest forms of adaptive and isokentince training.


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